Did We Break The Internet? – Chapter 1

Spam, Ads, Bots, Phishing, Fake Content, Money Laundering etc, etc, etc, and the list goes on. Humans are said to be the inventors of their own destruction, but are we also the inventors of the destruction of our inventions? Let’s take a look!

The Internet has been considered one of man’s greatest inventions to date and more than 75% of persons who live on planet Earth has access to this “vital” resource. It stores decades of information, knowledge and files in a single central system known as The Internet. Once one has been connected to this Internet, the sky is the limit. But with every invention, however great it might be, there are always those who seek to exploit it and use it for their own benefit. Since it’s invention, there has always been constant progress towards a better web, whether there is a change in the mark-up language used to run the site, or the Content Management System (CMS), or the ways to make the site more responsive. The progress has been forever ongoing, with more and more persons being introduced to it, as well as, more content being added via new websites/blog posts/forum posts/etc, creating a hive mind of knowledge.

Advertisements or Ads as they are commonly called are ways used to make money where the company or dispatcher are paid a certain amount of money per view, by the owner of the Ad. Unfortunately, there has been a large increase in the use of Ads for more than just increasing business recently as everyone is trying to benefit from making money from Ads. This has therefore made traversing the web a much more difficult task as users have to deal with two and more new tabs opening in their browsers just to get access to content they may need right away. Furthermore, this reduces the user to getting “AdBlocker” extensions for their browsers. In the face of this, website owners and companies went a step further to block content from those who use AdBlockers and force them to disable them.

Bots are neither bad nor good. What they are used for however, can classify them as bad or good.  If you are a blog writer, bots can be useful in traversing the web and finding useful and relevant data to whatever your topic may be. However, if you are a hacker, bots may be used to scan files and other information, as well as scanning networks for vulnerabilities so that their owners can exploit private networks and servers, who may, at times, wreak havoc. Bots therefore, serve the purpose of what they are created for and who creates them.

Fake Content, Phishing, and Money Laundering can be found among the top ten most vicious, deceitful and dangerous Internet crimes today. Phishers bait you into giving out your bank and credit card information which they use to break into your accounts and rob you of your hard-earned income. Be very careful of the information that you give out online. It is therefore imperative that you safeguard your information with the many measures that legit businesses offer which we will discuss at the end of another chapter.