The Internet Problem We All Face

Yes, we all face this problem. This problem has happened to us at least five times while we were online surfing the web and makes looking for what we want or need a grueling task that takes at least an hour to complete. Projects take longer than expected, research is frustrating and if you haven’t thought about throwing the internet in the bin yet, you probably will (soon) tm. Right now you’re probably wondering what problem I’m talking about, and racking your brain trying to figure it out. This problem, my friends, is the SEO Problem.

Some of you may know what SEO means, but for those of you who don’t, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is basically how Google, Bing and all other Search Engines that you use, get their information to present to you when you make a search. But, the SEO job isn’t done by the companies that provide you with search options, it’s done by the website owners, both skilled and unskilled and company IT Teams. And sometimes, it isn’t even done at all. My point is, the quality of the internet is something we all have a hand in. As more and more persons get connected to the internet each day, it is imperative that we provide the valid and reliable information sourced by the world in close proximity to the ones who need it most, the students, teachers, engineers, technicians, government officials, media agencies, and the list goes on. We all need the information that is on the internet regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, financial status and educational level. We need to raise SEO awareness all over the internet so that the information we need can be at our fingertips. We can’t expect Google to do everything and we must all do our part. Let us raise the quality of the internet, so that we can improve the quality of our lives, which will not only benefit us, but benefit the future generations.

If you are a webmaster and have not heard about SEO or have not worried about it in the past, this URL will take you to a webpage where you can learn a bit more and find where free courses are available. If you already know about it and/or want to be more proficient at it, you can also use that URL. If are willing to spend money to get these courses, online schools such as Udemy and SitePoint offer great content.

All in all, SEO is important, let’s make a better Internet together!