The RTX 20xx – What to Expect

It’s already September, ain’t it? Time sure does fly…
Nvidia has confirmed that their new lineup will be out by the 20th, and with that, we’ll be getting some advancements.

Performance has leaked specs sheets from board partners and TechPowerUp’s GPU-Z databases and has compiled their own spec table.

The selling point of these cards are the ray tracing cores or “RT Cores”. Basically, ray tracing provides more realistic lighting by tracing in real-time how lighting and light sources interact with objects. Ray Tracing isn’t exactly new, but this is the first GPU aimed at accelerating ray tracing by having dedicated ray tracing cores.



The prices for the 20xx series hasn’t been revealed yet, though the 2080Ti is rumored to cost around 999$ (MSRP).


I guess that’s pretty much what has been revealed for now! Expect more posts regarding the 20xx series as updates arrive.


– Scarlet