The AMD Ryzen+ – What to Expect

AMD seems to be properly following the roadmap, and as expected the 2nd generation of the Ryzen (Ryzen+) is already out!

First I’m going to talk about this new Ryzen Vega, now if you ask me, “What is it?”, it’s an APU!

AMD started their 2nd generation launch in February, with their brand new quad-core 3.5GHz Ryzen 3 2200G and the quad-core 3.6GHz Ryzen 5 2400G. currently costing a mere £84 / $105 and £130 / $160 respectively.

Then, you ask me: “What to expect?”

Not much, really, it’s just a minor revision to the great AMD Ryzen.

But, catch this: Prices for the 1st generation chips are on the drop, meaning you can get your 1st Gen Ryzen for cheaper!

Then we get the brand new, cutting-edge, Revolutionary, Ryzen with Radeon Integrated Graphics.

That thing is literally unseen! It can run games at decent frame rate in normal settings, only with integrated graphics!

Crazy times we live in, eh?

A in-depth analysis of that will be published next Sunday by me, your best pal, Scarlet!


Have a nice week, eh?

– Scarlet