The Future of Computer Hardware

Do you ever wonder what the future of hardware will be like? Perhaps in 10 years, laptops that are considered “a low end piece of junk” will be able to run the games we have now with ease, on a standard Integrated GPU. Perhaps what’s classified as a supercomputer¬† now will be the equivalent of a wristwatch.

In 1998, a high end machine would have had around a 500MHz CPU (no more than 2 cores surely), 512MB RAM (which you probably can’t run modern card games on) and a GPU with around 64MB VRAM. (Hey, that’s the dedicated amount my laptop’s iGPU has.)

Now of course, today you’d run into issues playing solitaire on something like that, but isn’t it amazing to see how far hardware has come 20 years later? Maybe in 10 years a low end system would have an 8 core 5GHz CPU, better than a lot of the high end stuff we have now. Do you think we will get to 10GHz by 2028? Maybe with 24 cores on a gaming PC being standard? Perhaps a good PC will have 64GB of RAM, with games requiring at least 32GB. (I hope SSDs become cheaper by then, I’d hate to wait that loading time from a hard drive.) GPUs may have 32GB VRAM, and be clocked well over 3GHz, or maybe dedicated GPUs will be phased out, integrated finally climbing to the top.

Just a couple years ago, the “standard” amount of RAM in general PCs was 4GB. It’s now becoming 8GB, with 4GB being what 2GB was in 2014 or so. At that time, 8GB may have been considered a lot by some, but now that’s up to 16.

Okay, these aren’t expert expectations by a mile. Hardware may be much better by then, or it may still not be as good. I’m just estimating from what has happened over the past couple decades. It would be nice to have something along the lines of what I mentioned above, however all we can do is wait and see, unless you are an expert and want to be part of a company to create hardware that is up to that mark.

What do you think the future will hold for our beloved PC hardware? Feel free to discuss it in the comments, or head over to the forums to discuss it there.